What Others Are Saying

…Terri teaches an elegantly simple breathing technique…which proved to be a powerful and empowering way to open to greater health, happiness, and healing. 
St. Paul, MN

…Your seminar is one of the few that lives up to the claim of being transformational. I experienced tremendous shifts and an increase in confidence, as well as an eagerness to move forward.
Grand Forks, ND

…My low back pain is almost all gone! Yay!
Minneapolis, MN

…I don’t often stumble on things that take me completely by surprise. And your Breath Mastery seminar did. I came in with curiosity, maybe a little apprehension, and a strong commitment. I left in a state of high energy and stunned amazement at what showed up. 
Minneapolis, MN

…Thank you for leading the workshop for my Burmese public health graduate interns! It was an amazing experience that I am sure they will remember for a long time.
Mae Sot, Thailand

…I felt so refreshed when I left [class] and slept beautifully that night – so relaxed.  I have been much more aware of my breath since the workshop and find myself getting back into the rhythm at times when I have been distracted and tensed up.
Minneapolis, MN

…Your workshop was terrific. I use the new breath method in all situations, after waking in the morning, while practicing Tai Chi, when walking around the trail near my home and when I want to clear out my internal dialogue.
Swarthmore, PA

…Conscious Breathing is the most healing thing I do for myself. It helps me relax, and even when tension sets in, I am able to consciously diffuse it. I love your wisdom, energy and unconditional patience.
Plymouth, MN

…What I liked best about the workshop was when you explained that we attract the energy that we exude. I have been working on releasing the negative energy, glowing with the positive, and working to attract other positive energy people. Thank you for the inspiration!
Mae Sot, Thailand

…Thank you so much for an amazing seminar! It was like nothing else I have experienced. Thank YOU for an incredible experience and a fabulous day that was so much fun!
Roseau, MN

…I have results to report! I want you to know that your promise of life transformation realizations has been my experience. A flood of inner peace has followed. 
Swarthmore, PA

…your workshop was the most meaningful enrichment I’ve participated in, in a long time. You do a great job teaching, facilitating, and supporting.
Eden Prairie, MN 

…The information you presented in the intro was clear and profound, and I found the breathing technique easy to get used to. 
Duluth, MN

…This seminar exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how many tears and how much pain I released. I was amazed how my body responded to the breath. I experienced healing.
Sioux Falls, SD

…Your seminar helped me find more out about myself and what I truly want out of life.
Sioux Falls, SD

…This was an amazing session for me! I want to thank you for facilitating this powerful modality!  By the time I arrived home after the workshop I could smell cigarette smoke while still in my car.  At first I was wondering where it was coming from.  Then I realized it was coming out of my body through my nose!  I don’t smoke and never have, but I could smell it in my nose, very potently, for the rest of the evening!  I grew up in a smoking household, with 1 or 2 parents smoking for the first 21 years of my life — and I was detoxing that smoke!!!  The next day it had cleared and I could feel my body much more relaxed and my belly had softened. 
Minneapolis, MN

…Last night I had a severe anxiety attack, I had not had one of those in several years. But in the midst of it, I remembered about doing the breathing, just thought it might help, and it did!! I wanted to share that with you: My heart was racing and pounding so hard and irregular, and I knew it was anxiety.  After doing the breathing for a while, I don’t know how long, the heart calmed down and the anxiety lessened, so I could be more at ease.  I just had a feeling this would help and I am so grateful that I had that tool on hand. I was also surprised, how easy the diaphragm dropped and how flexible it has become since the sessions we did in Pasadena, where it was a lot more rigid. I appreciate what you did for us in such a short time. This experience really brought my awareness to a whole new level.
Costa Mesa, CA

…This seminar took me through the pain and released it.  It also brought me back to realizing I had a life to live.

Sioux Falls, SD 

…Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I must tell you that I was hesitant to spend an entire weekend on a “breathing” workshop, but it far exceeded my expectations!
Sioux Falls, SD

…I have found the breathing technique you taught [in the workshop] especially useful when I am riding my bike and need to reach for more energy.  It has been interesting to experiment with it.  Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned.
Hickory, NC 

…I had been having a problem with my foot and had been given a steroid injection for an inflamed nerve a few weeks before. During the breathing session, I experienced a short burst of intense pain at the site, but afterwards I didn’t have any pain there and haven’t had a problem with that foot since the session. 
Minneapolis, MN

…I like Terri’s teaching method and the way she teaches us to breathe in an easy, flowing way. This method, through encouragement, allowed my “left brain” to get out of the way.  I continue to work on opening the breath and the weekend retreat helped me improve tremendously.
Belle Plaine, MN