Breathwork is a powerful tool for stress reduction and improved wellbeing in all facets of life. Conscious breathwork sessions can support a variety of groups, from corporate teams, to community groups, to educational groups or classrooms (of any age).

Whether educating a corporate group or connecting with a healthcare team,  breathwork service offerings can be designed to fit your needs. Many services can also be delivered virtually for those who continue to meet remotely.

As you strive to manage the stress and demands of the times, breathwork offerings can support your needs in today’s dynamic world. Services include:

  • Business In-Service
  • Wellness Talks
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Private Session
  • Semi-Private Sessions (2-3 people)
  • Introductory Workshops
  • Breath Mastery Classes


Discover the benefits of conscious, diaphragmatic breathing in your home, office, studio, church or classroom. Workshops include a short talk about the importance of breath, instruction on how to breathe properly and an experiential group breath session.

In an introductory workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to open constricted, shallow breathing  
  • Let go of stress and worry
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Receive a 5-minute take home breath practice


Experience breathwork with your favorite group or at the office – during a meeting, in-service, lunch & learn or social gathering. Breath awareness and learning to breathe properly can create a healthier and happier workplace. By reducing stress and increasing focus, breathwork supports productivity, enhanced mood and positivity for all members of your team. The outcome is improved group dynamics, a boost in morale, and better overall health and wellness.

Programs can be individually designed to meet your needs and schedules with interactive and experiential group talks as short as 20 to 30 minutes or up to one or two day workshops. Individual breath coaching and/or breakout breath sessions are also available. 



 In a private, facilitated breath session, you receive personal attention with your breath. You will begin to understand your unique breath pattern and how it affects your life. You will discover how to open your breath more fully and find its natural rhythm. An individual session can help you shift your breath quickly and achieve your personal goals.


Share a breath session with a friend or two and receive the benefits of a private session for less.


Full day intensives and 2 or 4 day breath mastery seminars are offered for those wanting to go deeper with conscious breathwork.

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